"When it comes to originality and innovation, this one took some beating...."

Barry Davies on Cold Thursday, BBC Technogames 2002

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The Cold Robots creators are the Rolph family from FlatlandiaCambridgeshire, UK, and the Cold Robots, Thursday and Mokuyobi, have been competitors in the sadly defunct BBC/Mentorn Technogames competition. First entering Technogames 2002 with Cold Thursday, a failed rope climber swiftly recycled into a gymnast, we were quite surprised to come away with the silver medal beatng ten other capable gymnasts.

Arguing amongst ourselves whether to take Cold Thursday back to defend her medal in 2003, or create and enter a new robot, we did both! We entered the newly built life-sized King Penguin named Cold Mokuyobi, and a modified Cold Thursday returned - to take the silver medal again.

Cold Mokuyobi, annoyed at being displaced into 4th place in the gymnastics by 'Thursday, was pleased to be awarded the 2003 NESTA award for the most animal like robot, so all those months staring at penguin skeletons paid off!

Penguin logo

Cold Mokuyobi

2003 NESTA award for most animal-like Technogames competitor.

Gymnastics: 4th 2003

Sprint: Semi final 'also ran' 2003


Cold Thursday

Gymnastics: Silver 2002

Gymnastics: Silver 2003


ColdThursday logo

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